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December 14th Guild Meeting: Holiday Party

Program for 7:00 pm Thursday, December 14: Holiday Party

Welcome, one and all, to the Black Sheep Guild Holiday Party! We will be meeting in person at the Veterans Memorial Center, 1455 Madison Ave, Redwood City at 7:00 p.m. Let us gather, greet old friends and new, and share our love of textiles and each other Come in a festive spirit! (Last year, we encouraged donning a special hat or other wearable
decoration, so why not make that a tradition?) As always, we eagerly anticipate seeing your fiber creations at our show-and-tell time. And if you have a textile that holds some special meaning, we would love to hear your tale. May our shared stories be a bright spot in the dark winter!
Please join in our evening of merriment and bring an edible treat to share. For simplicity’s sake, we are just asking for contributions of finger foods, sweet or savory. We will supply an assortment of beverages.
Please also consider bringing an item (or many) from your stash! Instead of a gift exchange, this year we will feature a stash give-away table, which we trust will fill with tempting offerings.
Lighten your cache of those “someday” items, let them become someone else’s treasure, and come away with something that sparks new inspiration! Doubtless, most of us will not be leaving empty-handed!
If you have any interest in helping with the party set-up, please contact Gail (President) or any Programs board member. We look forward to your company!

Nov 16 Guild Meeting: Robyn Spady

November Program

Weaving TnT: Dynamite Tips ‘n Technique for Every Weaver with Robyn Spady

Robyn Spady’s website offers this description: “ Would you like to learn a great method for repairing a broken warp end, tracking your treadling while you weave, making your own repair heddles, or just make weaving easier and more pleasurable? This gizmo-and-gadget centric presentation looks and feels like an interactive show-and-tell and will introduce over 36 offbeat tools, techniques, or tricks to assist weavers in all phases of weaving.”

Robyn has years of experience with a broad variety of weaving techniques. She is the founder of Heddlecraft, a digital magazine for handweavers:
She has written numerous articles for Handwoven. She is also an engaging and enjoyable speaker. 
Whether you are a new weaver or an old hand, Robyn will bring something to savor.

The meeting will be held on Zoom at 7 pm, Thursday, November 16, 2023.
Her website is, Her blog is here:

Oct 19 : Guild Meeting with Speaker Kelly Mondola Koza – Sardinian Arts – Handweavers of Sardinia

Sardinian Arts — Handweavers of Sardinia


On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, handweaving is an ancient and revered art considered so complex and magical that legends say the Jana (fairies) taught women how to construct looms and weave. Sardinia’s tessitrici artigianali — women weavers who work by hand in the old ways — are extraordinary and rare. Only a handful remain working as professionals, maintaining the ancient and distinctive textile traditions of their towns.

Meet these women weavers, see the loving and painstaking artistry of their textiles, and glimpse just a bit of Sardinia’s majesty in March’s Guild meeting, featuring Kelly Manjula Koza, founder of Sardinian Arts.

During the event, Kelly will show bits of her film, I Want to Weave the Weft of Time (2016), about the few remaining hand weavers of Samugheo, as well as additional videos, photos, stories of the weavers, and glimpses of her personal textile collection as she presents the textiles and weavers of three areas:

Samugheo (the best-known of the Sardinian traditions, that of pibiones), Nule, and Aggius. Kelly will also provide some background about Sardinia, touch on the importance of the handmade, and discuss the need to create protective classifications for traditional textiles.
Before the event, you are invited to watch the entire documentary for free online as an introduction to what we’ll discuss at the event. See the film (29 minutes) at Find additional information on

Kelly writes, films, photographs, and produces events about Sardinia, the handweavers, and related topics. She founded Sardinian Arts in 2013 to help protect, promote, encourage, and advance the tessitrici artigianali and the arts, culture, and heritage of Sardinia in a sustainable manner. In addition to producing, filming, writing and editing I Want to Weave the Weft of Time, she produced and curated Sardinian Textiles:
An Exhibit of Handwoven Art in San Francisco (2017), Intrecciati, an intercultural fiber arts project coordinated between Sardinia, Milano, and San Francisco (2017), and other events. More films and events are in the works. 
Kelly’s background includes 30 years of volunteering with an NGO based in India as well as corporate work in technology, communications, and program management. She senses an emerging connection between gizmo-based technology overload and the rising desire for handmade items, especially in fiber arts.

• tessitrici artigianali —
• Sardinian Arts —
• I Want to Weave the Weft of Time (Directly on Vimeo) —
• I Want to Weave the Weft of Time (on Sardinian Arts) —
• Sardinian Textiles: An Exhibit of Handwoven Art in San Francisco —
• Intrecciati —

      We are excited to have Kelly Mondola Koza as guest speaker for our Oct  19 Guild meeting!