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Black Sheep Socially Distanced Towel Exchange!

Zoom meetings were a great way to keep in touch while we were socially distancing during the pandemic, but we found ourselves missing seeing each other in person at Guild meetings, study group meetings, conferences and social gatherings.  If we couldn’t gather together in person, at least we could weave towels to mingle in each other’s kitchens. Thus began the Black Sheep  2020-2021 Socially Distanced Towel Exchange!
These were the criteria for the exchange, announced in August 2020:
  • Towels were to be woven from cotton, linen, hemp, or any combination of these fibers.
  • Finished size was to be between 18” and 22″ inches wide, and 25” to 28″ long, finished with a hand-sewn or machine-sewn hem.
  • Towels were collected prior to the May 2021 guild meeting, by mail and small group gatherings at several locations around the area.
  • Towel recipients could choose warm colors, cool colors, or potluck.
  • Participants were encouraged to turn in as many towels as they wanted in group of 3.
  • Each participant got three towels from three different Black Sheep weavers prior to the June 2021 meeting, as we were unable to meet in person, distributed by mail or small group gatherings.

11 Weavers participated, turning in 33 towels. Thank you all!!!


Ann had these absolutely adorable twill tape labels made for the towels…


All of the towels spread out and photoed from above!

Towels by Gloria M. 

Three identical towels by Donna J.

Towels by Sandy B.

Three identical towels by Sharolene B.

Towels by Ann M.

Towels by Archana N.

Towels by Nari C.

Three identical towels by Barbie P.

Towels by Ange M.

Towels by Teddie G.

Towels by John H.