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Black Sheep Guild Field Trip to Meridian Jacobs Ranch

Black Sheep Guild Field Trip to Meridian Jacobs Ranch – June 8th

Our member Johanna Gelb is organizing a “field trip” to visit Robin Lynde’s ranch near Dixon, CA ( 

Robin spoke at the January guild meeting about her ranch, her work and her life as a sheep rancher, weaver, spinner, dyer, activist and business woman. 

Robin offers visits to her ranch and the suggestion is to go for a visit and see her ranch, pet some sheep, view and even buy some of her products and learn more about her work with Fibershed, a group of people who work to improve the carbon footprint of the ag businesses into net-positive systems to mitigate and lessen climate change ( 

Suggested date is June 8th. 

We would leave about 9:00 am from a central meeting place and be gone most of the day, returning in the later afternoon, (Exact time to be set by the group later)

We would carpool together, it is about a 1.5 hour drive to her location.  We could either bring a sack lunch or go to nearby Dixon for lunch.

Please let Johanna know if you are interested in joining her in going.  The guild is not paying for the event and the cost of the visit is not yet clear at this time, but it should be reasonable. 

Johanna Gelb-johannagelb  @ * 650    465   2423

For more info please see what Robin wrote:

It is possible that there could be a sheepdog demo but that depends on the status of groups of sheep at that point. We can certainly spend time in the barn looking at sheep up close. There are always pet sheep who want to be handled and plenty others to look at and I have a lot to show and talk about in the barn. My goal would be to have all of my fleeces skirted and sold by then, but that never happens. So there would probably be some fleeces available.

The shop: We can talk about the different yarns, my woven pieces, etc. I have a variety of local products, including Gardeners Gold Wool Pellets. We can talk about that product, Fibershed projects, etc. There is always something of interest to discuss. Looking at the dye garden, some of which should be blooming by then

Sounds like fun????  Please join us!

February 15th Guild Meeting with Kathy Hattori

February 15th, 2024 Guild Meeting with Kathy Hattori

Program starts at 7:00 pm on Thursday, February 15th :

Kathy Hattori, President of Botanical Colors and loyal Black Sheep member will discuss current trends in natural dyes and how the “farm to fashion” movement is gaining momentum and providing consumers with a roadmap to demanding and supporting sustainable clothing.  Along the way, we will talk about technology, challenges and some exciting developments.


Show and Tell February 2024

Johanna G – Fabulous Soji Jackets

I just finished sewing my second Soji Jacket and find them so comfortable to wear. 
The black and white one is color  blocking  that I created for the Canada Fashion course last year.
The blue and white and  multicolored color blocking Soji Jacket I just finished using a selection of some of my previous woven fabrics, along with some commercial fabric.  It came together pretty easy given I had done a trial run with the first jacket.  The blue jacket includes fabric from our recent Structures study on Diversified Plain weave. It is the lighter blue section in the front of the jacket.
Tyler M. – Bamboo Scarf
Tyler M. wove this 12 gauge bamboo scarf at 30 epi – “The drape is buttery”
Lynn C. – Tapestry with soumak stitch
Lynn C. wove this 10×14″ tapestry with handspun wool with a soumak stitch technique. This was inspired by an online weaving class with Kennita Tully. 

January 18, 2024 Guild Meeting: Robin Lynde

January 18, 2024 Guild Meeting: Robin Lynde

January Program
Thursday, January 18, 7:00 pm on Zoom
Link will be sent out before the meeting and will be on the Black Sheep Handweavers Guild calendar

Join us this month for some time with a local fiber celebrity, Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville. This month’s program is an inside view into where our fibers come from and what goes into the care and production of the yarns we use. It also brings insights into the host of Lambtown, a favorite local textile event.

In her own words, Robin Lynde says:

“There is more to running a fiber business than admiring shelves of yarn and knitting all day just as there is more to raising sheep than cuddling lambs. How do you combine farming, shop-keeping, teaching, and weaving into a successful business? I will discuss my experience developing and managing Meridian Jacobs with plenty of time to answer questions.”

We look forward to seeing your faces and hearing whatever questions you might have about the processes that come before your warp touches the heddles and your weft fills your shuttle.


Show and Tell January 2024

Johanna G – New Tunic

I first used a Butterick pattern to make this tunic with material donated from Gail B.’s stash. It is cotton Ikat. I used the material to check for fitting and do a practice run before using my own weaving yardage.
Then I wove the yardage for the second round using a Diversified Plain Weave structure or also called Thick and Thin, that our Structures group has been focusing on these last few months.  I used Laura Viada’s pattern, thanks to Gudrun helping me get an enlarged copy of the threading.  I used Borg’s 16/2 cotton in both the warp and weft, as well as Maurice Brassard’s 8/2 Tencel in both warp and weft. I wove 4 yards at 30 epi. It has a lovely feel and does drape, which is what I was wanting for the final product.
While I did struggle with getting it to all line up and of course there are some weaving errors, I am happy with the end product!

Gudrun P – Explorations of Diversified Plain Weave

DPW was the BSHG structure study group’s recent topic. DPW is in the family of two-tie “Thick-and-Thin” structures. On an 8H loom, shaft 1 and 2 are used for thin ties, shaft 3 – 8 are pattern shafts and are threaded with heavier threads. Traditionally a single color is used for all heavy warp threads and a different color is use for all heavy weft threads.


In an alternate project I wanted to experiment using more colors in the warp. I set up a threading that combined two colors in every block.

Using the tie-up this arrangement lets me choose colors for every pick. I can lift one of the colors in a block, or both or none of them. This gives you great possibilies to create patterns. Carpet warp is the thick yarn in this project, 20/2 or 10/2 cotton is used for the ties.

John H – Geometric ikat scarf

I made another of my geometric ikat scarves. I wanted to check out whether an AVL warping wheel could be used for ikat wrapping. It sort of worked, but I was unable to get accurate placement of the wraps. The pattern starts out OK but falls apart by the end of the scarf. Warp is 400 ends of 20/2 silk sett at 40 epi.

December 14th Guild Meeting: Holiday Party

Program for 7:00 pm Thursday, December 14: Holiday Party

Welcome, one and all, to the Black Sheep Guild Holiday Party! We will be meeting in person at the Veterans Memorial Center, 1455 Madison Ave, Redwood City at 7:00 p.m. Let us gather, greet old friends and new, and share our love of textiles and each other Come in a festive spirit! (Last year, we encouraged donning a special hat or other wearable
decoration, so why not make that a tradition?) As always, we eagerly anticipate seeing your fiber creations at our show-and-tell time. And if you have a textile that holds some special meaning, we would love to hear your tale. May our shared stories be a bright spot in the dark winter!
Please join in our evening of merriment and bring an edible treat to share. For simplicity’s sake, we are just asking for contributions of finger foods, sweet or savory. We will supply an assortment of beverages.
Please also consider bringing an item (or many) from your stash! Instead of a gift exchange, this year we will feature a stash give-away table, which we trust will fill with tempting offerings.
Lighten your cache of those “someday” items, let them become someone else’s treasure, and come away with something that sparks new inspiration! Doubtless, most of us will not be leaving empty-handed!
If you have any interest in helping with the party set-up, please contact Gail (President) or any Programs board member. We look forward to your company!

Show and Tell November 2023

Show and Tell November 2023

John H – My silk warp IKAT scarf

Ange M – Sample from Mary Zikafoose’s class

The warp is 8/2 tencel dyed with Procion mx dyes, and the weft is a commercially dyed 16/2 cotton. I wove a straight twill.

I shifted the color by slipping the threads; one side came out looking like I wanted and the other did not!

Teacatweaver’s Ikat scarf from Mary Zikafoose’s class

Result from the IKAT workshop with Mary Zikafoose. Madder/Cutch natural dye, 100% linen

Michael B. – Inkle Band Suspenders

Very nice inkle band suspenders crafted by Black Sheep member Michael B.

Note the custom 3D printed clips on the left, perfect for blue jean belt loops. 

Lynn C. – Navajo-style tapestry

Beautiful tapestry by Black Sheep member Lynn C. 

It is approximately 30 inches square and was warped Navajo-style on two dowels, then tied to a frame loom. 

Nov 16 Guild Meeting: Robyn Spady

November Program

Weaving TnT: Dynamite Tips ‘n Technique for Every Weaver with Robyn Spady

Robyn Spady’s website offers this description: “ Would you like to learn a great method for repairing a broken warp end, tracking your treadling while you weave, making your own repair heddles, or just make weaving easier and more pleasurable? This gizmo-and-gadget centric presentation looks and feels like an interactive show-and-tell and will introduce over 36 offbeat tools, techniques, or tricks to assist weavers in all phases of weaving.”

Robyn has years of experience with a broad variety of weaving techniques. She is the founder of Heddlecraft, a digital magazine for handweavers:
She has written numerous articles for Handwoven. She is also an engaging and enjoyable speaker. 
Whether you are a new weaver or an old hand, Robyn will bring something to savor.

The meeting will be held on Zoom at 7 pm, Thursday, November 16, 2023.
Her website is, Her blog is here:

Show and Tell October 2023

Show and Tell October 2023

Alexandra G. and her Double Rainbow Scarf (Doubleweave/Cotton):



Laura B. and her Overshot Blanket:

7 yard warp, which alternates Brown Sheep Lambspun (I was given 10 skeins at a Black Sheep meeting last year) with a finer grist of my handspun singles from a natural dark brown crossbred fleece.

293 ends, sett at 8 dpi. Draft is a simple 4-shaft overshot from Malin Selander, woven with 3 tabby picks between the pattern wefts. This was my first big project on my vintage Ullman countermarch loom.

Tabby weft is my fine dark brown handspun. Pattern weft is partly a commercial 2-ply I redyed to red and rust, and partly a 2-ply handspun I carded and spun to match the grist, in many colors.

After sampling my wet finishes, I plan to full the cloth, cut it into three panels and crochet them together with more of the Brown Sheep Lambspun to make a twin-sized blanket for my older son. He approved the color scheme.

Laura B.