Hidden Villa Sheep Shearing & Fiber Arts Festival 2024

On April 27th I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer weaver at this fun event at Hidden Villa.

It was a day full of activities and the turn-out was great! We had a small group of weavers presenting their work on a rigid heddle loom, a tapestry loom and a table loom. There was also a big loom for participants to weave in pieces of cloth for a community art piece.


Hidden Villa had organized different stations where visitors could see the full process from sheep shearing, through skirting, carding, and spinning to weaving. There was also a great Fiber Arts exhibit with many interesting pieces by local fiber artists.


A Jazz band played during lunch and a few food trucks served delicious food.

There were several activities for visiting children, like block printing, wool spinning and quilting. Visits with the animals on the farm and a few amazing sheep herding demos rounded off the event.

The event was so much fun, and I will definitely be back next year to represent Black Sheep and the weaving community!