Sewing with Handwovens

This group started as an off-shoot of the Weave Structures Study Group to explore how to sew with handwovens, but is open to all guild members. You do not need to be a member of Weave Structures.

The purpose of the group is to support each other in the construction of garments using handwoven cloth.  Members need to have a basic knowledge in weaving and sewing.

We would love to have more Black Sheep members join us. The goals of the group are to weave fabric that we measure, cut, and sew with; to help each other in this process; and to learn from/with each other. Joining the group, one would need to have basic weaving and sewing skills. Meetings will be held on Wed afternoons primarily by zoom but there may be occasional meetings in person. Interested? – please contact Teddie Guenzer.

Dress by Johanna – Combination weave of bamboo and cotton using #725 Strickler pattern.
front of dressback view of dress

Top by Johanna –  Combination weave with Borgs 16/2 cotton and  Simplicity pattern for sleeveless tunic.
front view back view

Top and bag by Laura

Vest by Ange

Dress and jacket by Johanna

Several handsewn items by Linda

Here is a hat Ally made for a handwoven ikat scarf

Here is a lovely apron by Ally


Another great make from Johanna — a tunic top in waffle weave.


Johanna made this lovely huck lace tunic – March 2022