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Hidden Villa Sheep Shearing & Fiber Arts Festival 2024

On April 27th I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer weaver at this fun event at Hidden Villa.

It was a day full of activities and the turn-out was great! We had a small group of weavers presenting their work on a rigid heddle loom, a tapestry loom and a table loom. There was also a big loom for participants to weave in pieces of cloth for a community art piece.


Hidden Villa had organized different stations where visitors could see the full process from sheep shearing, through skirting, carding, and spinning to weaving. There was also a great Fiber Arts exhibit with many interesting pieces by local fiber artists.


A Jazz band played during lunch and a few food trucks served delicious food.

There were several activities for visiting children, like block printing, wool spinning and quilting. Visits with the animals on the farm and a few amazing sheep herding demos rounded off the event.

The event was so much fun, and I will definitely be back next year to represent Black Sheep and the weaving community!

Black Sheep Guild Field Trip to Meridian Jacobs Ranch

Black Sheep Guild Field Trip to Meridian Jacobs Ranch – June 8th

Our member Johanna Gelb is organizing a “field trip” to visit Robin Lynde’s ranch near Dixon, CA ( 

Robin spoke at the January guild meeting about her ranch, her work and her life as a sheep rancher, weaver, spinner, dyer, activist and business woman. 

Robin offers visits to her ranch and the suggestion is to go for a visit and see her ranch, pet some sheep, view and even buy some of her products and learn more about her work with Fibershed, a group of people who work to improve the carbon footprint of the ag businesses into net-positive systems to mitigate and lessen climate change ( 

Suggested date is June 8th. 

We would leave about 9:00 am from a central meeting place and be gone most of the day, returning in the later afternoon, (Exact time to be set by the group later)

We would carpool together, it is about a 1.5 hour drive to her location.  We could either bring a sack lunch or go to nearby Dixon for lunch.

Please let Johanna know if you are interested in joining her in going.  The guild is not paying for the event and the cost of the visit is not yet clear at this time, but it should be reasonable. 

Johanna Gelb-johannagelb  @ * 650    465   2423

For more info please see what Robin wrote:

It is possible that there could be a sheepdog demo but that depends on the status of groups of sheep at that point. We can certainly spend time in the barn looking at sheep up close. There are always pet sheep who want to be handled and plenty others to look at and I have a lot to show and talk about in the barn. My goal would be to have all of my fleeces skirted and sold by then, but that never happens. So there would probably be some fleeces available.

The shop: We can talk about the different yarns, my woven pieces, etc. I have a variety of local products, including Gardeners Gold Wool Pellets. We can talk about that product, Fibershed projects, etc. There is always something of interest to discuss. Looking at the dye garden, some of which should be blooming by then

Sounds like fun????  Please join us!

Barbara Shapiro Introduces the New World Shibori Network Foundation

Barbara Shapiro Introduces the New World Shibori Network Foundation

Artist, author, scholar, and friend Yoshiko Wada has presented several times at Black Sheep
meetings. In1975, she taught the first Shibori class in the US. In the 1990s Wada and Japanese colleagues held the First International Shibori Symposium (ISS) in Nagoya, Japan, seeking to promote shibori textiles in Japan and beyond by preserving this century-old technique from disappearing. The World Shibori Network (WSN) aims to share information and inspiration and to preserve Japanese shibori and similar heritage techniques across the globe by creating a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary in textile technologies with an emphasis on sustainability. In 2022, WSN became a non-profit foundation.
Slow Fiber Studios (SFS) is now the official
educational arm of WSN and will continue to offer in-person and online lectures and workshops on a variety of textile subjects. The Shop offers excellent sustainable indigo and other dyes, Shibori tools and products, and a range of pertinent books and videos, etc. Newly developed Slow Fiber TV offers subscription-based access to uncut versions of the various SFS workshops and other content.
Trips and tours are in the planning stages. Join our
mailing list for updates on our programs and consider become a member of WSN Full disclosure, I am a founding board member of the new WSN Foundation.

— Barbara Shapiro