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Reading Weaving Drafts Saturday, April 27th

Are you ever puzzled by – or a little shaky on – reading weaving drafts? Then set aside some time on Saturday, April 27, to focus on drafts.

Our own Kathleen Dickey will be giving a workshop to help you out.  It will be at Amazing Yarns, 2559 Woodland Pl, Emerald Hills, CA 94062, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Please bring along a draft or two that puzzle you. You may also want to bring your copy of Marguerite Davison’s A Handweaver’s Pattern Book, or Mary Black’s New Key to Weaving if you have one.

To get an idea of how many of you will take advantage of this workshop, please let Betsy Blosser (bblosser [at] sfsu [dot] edu) know by email if you plan to be there.

This workshop is the first of some within-guild workshops we’re doing to focus on the interests and needs of our members. Stay tuned for more offerings!

Kathrin Weber Weaving Workshop – April 17-19, 2018

Members had a wonderful time at Kathrin Weber’s weaving workshop this week. They learned how to warp a loom with multiple warps front to back using Kathrin Weber’s tried and true method. Each day started with a little lecture where she showed examples of what can be done with her hand painted warps. She encourages people to use disparate colors because that is what makes many of the warps ‘pop’.

Field Trip to Ohlone Village – Jan. 27, 2017

Joan organized a private tour for us to Ohlone Village, a reconstruction of a 10,00 year old local Native American settlement as it might have been in this area. It is adjacent to Deer Hollow Farm, both part of the San Antonio Open Space Preserve off 280s in Los Altos. We learned how to live without weaving – but using baskets and braiding. We learned how to create flame without matches. And we learned how to prepare Acorn Mush!




April 23, 2016 – Michael Rohde, Tapestry

Michael Rohde, renowned tapestry weaver, has plied and taught his art for more than 40 years (see his website He will teach “Four Selvedge” and “Wedge Weaving” techniques.


The location will be the studio of Barbara Shapiro, 510 Darrell Road, Hillsborough, CA 94010. (Please park ON the sidewalk, and DO NOT block the mailbox!)

The workshop is full. Please bring a small (tapestry or rigid heddle or bead type) loom – unwarped. If you ordered a loom from Micael, he will bring it.

Bring also:  scissors, tapestry or Navaho beater or an old kitchen fork, note taking materials.

Optional equipment: tapestry or blunt needles, small shuttles or tapestry bobbins, small bits of colorful tapestry weight yarn, 900-1200 yds/lb.

Barbara will have tea and hot water. Bring bottled water if you like, instant coffee if you like, snacks if you want something other than trail-mixes. And bring a lunch since there is nothing close by. It will be Passover.

Felted Ruffles

Felted Ruffles and Holes

Class description

Learn to manipulate wool fibers to make ruffles and holes. Different wools shrink at different rates. The direction you lay out the fibers also determines how the wool shrinks. With that knowledge you can manipulate the layout of the wool to make great ruffles. Add resists to make layered ruffles. Makes holes to add interest. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to plan your scarf so when it shrinks it will be the correct length and width.

Class length-6 hours

Materials provided – Material fee will vary depending on the project. Approximately $25.00 (3 ounces will make a scarf approximately 64”x7”).



Students need to bring;

2 old towels


Embellishments of your choice.


Classroom requirements;

Each student needs a long table at least 6’ long.


Design Your Own Felted Purse

Design Your Own Felted Purse


Class Description

Make your own template and design your very own purse while learning to wet felt.

We will use the “make the handle and purse as one piece” method. Inside and outside pockets, embedding stones, beading, lumpy yarn embellishment and closures will be covered.

6 hour class

Maximum # of students-15

Room requirements-2 students per 6’ table. We need to be close to water. A big sink for rinsing is very helpful.

Beginners welcome but some experience is nice.


Materials provided by instructor

Approx. 7 ounces of Corriedale wool, depending on individual design.

Template material and all tools needed to complete project.

Material fee-approx. $25.00


Students need to bring

2 old towels

sharp pointed scissors

bar soap-Kiss My Face olive works well

Lumpy or fuzzy wool yarn for embellishment-optional


Note: Because this is a design class and everyone will be making different purses and using different amounts of wool can they pay the material fee directly to me after the class?

Introduction to Nuno Felting

Introduction to Nuno Felting

Explore the magical technique of Nuno felting. This will introduce you to the tools, materials and methods used to make this amazing process happen. It’s like painting with fibers. During the process the fibers actually migrate through the fabric. If you don’t cover the entire fabric with fiber a secondary pattern happens because the wool fibers shrink but the fabric doesn’t, creating lots of pucker.


Class length-4 hours

Material provided:

Silk scarf

Extra fine Merino Top

Bombyx Silk Roving

Detailed instruction sheet

Material fee-$30.00


Students need to bring;

2 old towels

plastic dish pan


scraps of yarn if they wish


Classroom requirements;

Each student needs a table at least 6’ long.

We need to be close to hot water.

I need 2 tables for supplies and demos.


Three Felting Workshops – Carin Engen – March 6, 7, 8, 2015

Carin Engen is an award-winning fiber artist and workshop instructor who has been using her experimental, playful nature to explore felting and color since 1992. She maintains a studio in Garberville, California, where she produces a line of hand-dyed wool fabric and fiber as well as her felt art.

Prior felting experience is required for both Saturday and Sunday workshops, so sign up for Friday’s workshop if you need the experience.

The workshops may be taken separately or in any combination. All costs are tentative and may be reduced depending upon participation. Reserve your spot with a 50% deposit paid to our Treasurer, Gloria Miller, 383 Green Ridge Drive, #3, Daly City, CA 94014.

For more information click on each Workshop Title live link below. For more example pictures, see Carin’s blog at

Friday, March 6, 5:30 – 9:30 pm: Introduction to Nuno Felting. Cost is $50 for each student, plus a materials fee to instructor, approximately $30. Maximum number of students 15.



Saturday, March 7, 10:00 am – 4 pm: Felted Ruffles. Cost is $100 per student plus materials fee to instructor, approximately $25. Maximum number of students 12.




Sunday, March 8, 10 am – 4 pm: Design Your Own Felted Purse. Cost is $100 per student plus materials fee to instructor, approximately $25. Maximum number of students 12.

Purse1EngenEngen gathering sack

Teresa Ruch Workshop – Creating Drape in Handwoven Fabric


Drape Class with Teresa Ruch
Drape Class with Teresa Ruch

August 2-3
The purpose of this workshop is to understand how drape can be created in a handwoven fabric. It is a combination of fiber characteristics, yarn twist, the sett (ends per inch), the weave structure or the number of intersections of yarn per inch and the finish of the fabric. All of the factors contribute to the drape of the fabric.
This workshop would be held the first weekend in August at Amazing Yarns in Redwood City.  Total cost would be about $200-$250 (includes $95 material fee) depending on the number of participants.  Please contact Barbara O’Connor (mailto:barbara_oconnor [at] earthlink [dot] net) if you are interested or need more information.

See Teresa website at for some examples of her work.