Felted Ruffles

Felted Ruffles and Holes

Class description

Learn to manipulate wool fibers to make ruffles and holes. Different wools shrink at different rates. The direction you lay out the fibers also determines how the wool shrinks. With that knowledge you can manipulate the layout of the wool to make great ruffles. Add resists to make layered ruffles. Makes holes to add interest. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to plan your scarf so when it shrinks it will be the correct length and width.

Class length-6 hours

Materials provided – Material fee will vary depending on the project. Approximately $25.00 (3 ounces will make a scarf approximately 64”x7”).



Students need to bring;

2 old towels


Embellishments of your choice.


Classroom requirements;

Each student needs a long table at least 6’ long.