Design Your Own Felted Purse

Design Your Own Felted Purse


Class Description

Make your own template and design your very own purse while learning to wet felt.

We will use the “make the handle and purse as one piece” method. Inside and outside pockets, embedding stones, beading, lumpy yarn embellishment and closures will be covered.

6 hour class

Maximum # of students-15

Room requirements-2 students per 6’ table. We need to be close to water. A big sink for rinsing is very helpful.

Beginners welcome but some experience is nice.


Materials provided by instructor

Approx. 7 ounces of Corriedale wool, depending on individual design.

Template material and all tools needed to complete project.

Material fee-approx. $25.00


Students need to bring

2 old towels

sharp pointed scissors

bar soap-Kiss My Face olive works well

Lumpy or fuzzy wool yarn for embellishment-optional


Note: Because this is a design class and everyone will be making different purses and using different amounts of wool can they pay the material fee directly to me after the class?