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Kathrin Weber Weaving Workshop – April 17-19, 2018

Members had a wonderful time at Kathrin Weber’s weaving workshop this week. They learned how to warp a loom with multiple warps front to back using Kathrin Weber’s tried and true method. Each day started with a little lecture where she showed examples of what can be done with her hand painted warps. She encourages people to use disparate colors because that is what makes many of the warps ‘pop’.

Creative Endeavors, Dorothy Thursby Tapestry Workshop, April 14, 2018

Dorothy Thursby tapestry workshop was held at Amazing Yarns on April 14, 2018. This was the second class which she offered to the group.


Dorothy Thursby, Tapestry Hanger,
Dorothy Thursby, Tapestry Hanger


Tapestry, Dorothy Thursby
Tapestry by Dorothy Thursby, Geometric Designs and Matching Clay Hanger
tapestry, Dorothy Thursby
Tapestry by Dorothy Thursby.


fired clay beads, Dorothy Thursby
Tapestry fired clay beads by Dorothy Thursby


tapestry, Dorothy Thursby
Tapestry by Dorothy Thursby with Bird Design