Aug. 20, 2015 – Book Spectacular!

This summer meeting features our Librarian, Ruth Temple, regaling us with fascinating yet little-known treasures in our own Library. She is taking this opportunity to create a virtual walk-through, and show us not only all the best books she can carry, but also a slide-show which reminds us of the “snazzy” books, special items and older but useful and inspirational magazines we have but can’t be brought to every meeting. There are also recent gifts from Ulla de Larios including hand-me-downs from the former Las Trampornas Guild.

Ruth hopes to put together for reference in the library web area, study guides, including relevant titles we have, of popular subjects such as dying, basic weaving, Inkle, complex braiding, and the like, which will improve our use of library holdings.

This meeting will be held in our usual location, the parish hall of Woodside Community Church on Woodside Rd. in Woodside. Dinner reservations will be made as usual for Buck’s Restaurant starting at 5:30 pm that evening. Y’all come to that as well! If you have a snack to share, please bring that as well, so we can give Melanie a summer break!