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October 17, 2019 : Marlie de Swart

Our October speaker will be Marlie de Swart, a longtime spinner, knitter, and weaver. She lives in Bolinas and has a fiber arts store in Point Reyes where many west Marin artists display and sell their textile wares. She is a member of Fibershed and teaches classes in spinning and plying. She is committed to working with local farmers and uses fleeces from the west Marin area.

Marlie has designed many sweaters and vests, some which are showcased in her book, Knitting Woolscapes: Designs Inspired by Coastal Marin Wool. Here’s her website if you’d like to take a look:

Come to the October meeting and see samples of her beautiful work. I’ve attached a couple of photos.

  • Joan Ferguson, for the Programming Committee
Marlie de Swart
Marlie de Swart (photo by Paige Green)
Marlie de Swart knitted designs
Samples of Marlie de Swart designs

September, 2019 : Big Show and Tell !

When we were younger, going back to school in the fall often included a time for sharing “what you did on your summer vacation” as a way of getting to know one another better, and what better way to start off our Guild Season?  Please join us for our first meeting of the year! Bring your recent work, or in-progress study, that thing you started at CNCH or made at another conference and have now finished; and let us share with one another what we have been up to, whether in study groups, or away at workshops and fiber arts gatherings, or on our own in our homes and studios.  What’s new? What favorite old thing have you been studying on?  What would you like to be working on?  Bring it all, and let’s set up a big long table in the middle of the room, and gather around it to see and hear what our fellow guild members are up to. If you’d like, wear something handmade.

Pattern and Overshot Weft

My pattern is apparently formally called “Primrose in Diamonds” and it was made (designed or woven we wonder?) for Mariss Cottrell, 1813 by Weaver Rose, his No. 125. Found on page 146 in Davison, as suggested by Barbie in one of her samples handed around a few months ago.

I’d love to know what yarns everyone is handing around, now that most of them have been swapped, and we’re getting warped.

Mine is the rusty “Cinnamon” in Cascade Heritage 150, a nice superwash, colorfasst sock yarn that fit the bill for wpi and squishiness; I’m feeling I’ll have far greater success with this than the cotton I was messing about with last year for table linens. I get it now that-and-why they say wool for the overshot supplemental weft in an overshot pattern; the doubled cotton I tried was not any kind of squishy. Anyone who’d like to wince at a sample of less than skillful overshot fiber planning, I have one—they’re just fine as what they are, really, I just don’t *love* them.

This: I have a good feeling about.

What are your wefts?