CNCH 2015 Show and Tell Spectacular – May 21, 2015

Our Guild is one of the responsible participants in this year’s CNCH conference at Asilomar, April 9-12. As well as taking creative leadership in several areas, we also have the opportunity for fun and learning. This meeting, the first after the conference, we look forward to devoting extensive Show-and-Tell by guild members who tackled classes at this event, and of course whatever other show and tell items that guild members want to bring for our enjoyment.

Reservations will be made for dinner at Buck’s Restaurant, 362 Woodside Rd, beginning at 5:30pm. Please join us when you can. Our meeting location at The Woodside Village Church, 3154 Woodside Rd., will be opened by 7pm for gathering. The meeting and program begin at 7:30 pm. We break for refreshments about 8:30 pm, and finish with a brief business meeting. Do come!








Remember June 18, Election & Sale

Final Meeting of ’14-’15 Season