Creative Endeavors – Sat., Aug. 13, 2016

We gathered at the home of Betsy for Show and Tell, and an experience with ice-dying. We have pictures only of tubs of fabrics covered with ice, and sprinkled with dye – since the tubs had to be taken home to cure for 24 hours before rinsing, washing and drying to reveal our creations. Catch our results on subsequent posts!  First, Show and Tell:


icePatt1 icePatt2 icePatt3










white-on-white, unfinished samples of saori weaving


icePatt4 icePatt5









icePatt6revreverse of scarf, finished with lavender edge







Gloria and guests

iceGloria iceGloriaSis4











Displayed several articles of interest obtained on travels. The item pictured is an animal horn decoredated with tiny glass beads.












Showed us one of six large cotton napkins begun recently with wax resist and elements from nature. She added drawing with pointed permanent markers.












Constructed from a recent two-meeting project in which we (step 1) dyed nine different fibers with personally chosen colors, and (step 2) displayed them on felt of our choice, thus creating in most cases scarves. The photo shows a simple sampler, embellished with found and created objects, resulting in a wall hanging.



and of course – some tubs:

icedye1 icedye2 Icedye3










In this, a silk scarf has been placed on TOP of the ice-and-dye

layers, in order to see whether some or all colors would seep upward, as well as trickling downward with the melting ice.