DIFFERENT VENUE – CNCH Retrospective, and “Blue Alchemy” – May 19, 2016

Our meeting will be held in the Goldstar Room at the Veterans’ Memorial Senior Center in Redwood City, located at 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City. The room will be opened for us from 7 pm until 10pm. We’ll begin with CNCH Show and Tell, as well as whatever anyone else has to bring of their own, and show in the remaining time a DVD, “Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo”, owned by Barbara Shapiro. The DVD lasts 79 minutes, so the current idea is to show the whole video at one of our summer meetings (that leaves one other summer meeting to bring in an idea for!).











Reservations for dinner will be made for 5:30 pm at Galeotti’s Pizza, at 3121 Jefferson Ave., Redwood City.

We will have refreshments in the Goldstar Room room, and a short business meeting afterwards.