Sept. 17, 2015 – Ginger Summit

Ginger Summit is a member of our Guild and founder of the new Felting interest group, but her interests have led in many directions and always as far as one can go. She says of her “gourd phase”: “What began as a craft interest quickly became a passion as I discovered unusual uses of gourds in marketplaces and museums around the world.” Her learnings resulted in a number of books such as “Making Gourd Dolls and Spirit Figures”, “Gourds and Fiber”, “Making Gourd Musical Instruments” and “The Complete Book of Gourd Crafts”. Recently she cleaned out her gourd holdings and products, but saved her favorites to show us and talk about, as well as her books (those noted above, and more!)




Our meeting site at Woodside Community Church parish hall is opened at 7:00 pm of setup and conversation. The program, which runs 7:30-8:30, is followed by refreshments and a short business meeting.  If you’d like to come to dinner at Buck’s Restaurant in Woodside Shopping Center, reservations will be made for 5:30 pm. Hope to see you there!