Show and Tell, August 2021

Charlotte C: Turned Crackle Placemats

The warp for the Turned Crackle placemats that I wove is cotton chenille that is 1425 YPP.  It was sett at 16 EPI.  Weft is 8/2 cotton in navy.  4 colors in the warp.  4 blocks.  Each of the 4 blocks in the warp uses 4 colors – red, green, blue and tan.  Color sequence is different in each block.

Block A – green, blue, tan, red.

Block B – blue, tan, red, green.

Block C – tan, red, green, blue.

Block D – red, green, blue, tan.

After getting the color sequences in the warp all threaded, the weaving is a breeze with one color (one shuttle, instead of 4 in regular crackle).

Lots of shrinkage – 20%.


Gudrun: Double-faced Card Weaving

I had been weaving dogs and cats recently hoping for rain. The rain came – unfortunately in massive amounts and not in the desired places.
The technique is double-faced card weaving, the yarn is 10/2 pearl cotton.
Several patterns  were derived from Andean knitting patterns.