Show and Tell, December 2021

Ange: Spun Paper

TIssue paper sewing patterns spun then plied with red silk singles; the knitted sample held up to hand washing. I learned how to do this in a 2021 SOAR class with Judith MacKenzie.




Ulla: Margit’s Flower Yarns, 23×30″, Linen, Cotton, 2021

This is the second piece I have woven on this warp.  The first one was finished in 2018  which shows that the warp has been on the loom for at least four years.  The piece is part of my theme of Old Yarns, New Work.  The old warp and base weft yarn here is a singles linen that a friend found in her father’s attic as she cleaned out his house. Big hanks that filled a pillowcase.  The warp having been on the loom for such a long time and in our sunroom where the temperature reaches 120 degrees when we are not here, meant that I had more than a few broken ends.
I got the colored weft after a cousin of my mother, called Margit, died.  She loved to embroider, buying kits from Denmark and these are her leftovers. The yarn is a 24/2 cotton and is called flower yarn since most of the kits depict plants of different kinds. As with the DMC yarn I had used in the first piece, this yarn came boxed in small boxes that had contained a French soap.  The smell is still quite strong. To weave the piece was extremely time consuming, each colored shot took 12 minutes, but that is all forgotten since I love the piece and how it flips three-dimensionally.