Show and Tell – March 2020

Gudrun’s message:  

Kathy: scarf in shadow weave, jaggerspun zypher

Kathy:  crackle weave scarf in 3 colors of 20/2 silk.



Gudrun: grey-white scarf with burgundy selvedge in deflected double weave, zephyr

Gail:  Honeycomb Variation of Wandering Vine from the Marguerite Porter Davison book in tencel and cotton

John – Placemats in six-shaft spot weave. 

Donna: Space dyed Tencel warp and cotton weft.  The swatch is Tencel warp and weft.

Johanna: waffle weave vest in cotton on an 8-H loom.



Betsy C: inkle woven strap to use with fabric to make gift bags




Sharolene:  Crocheted shawl,  Felted and embroidered needle keeper