Show and Tell, March 2022


These are two card woven mask lanyards. I used 20 cards of 10/2 cotton in black, charcoal, natural, and white, then sewed the bands to lobster clips to attach to mask. The patterns are in John Mullarkey’s monograph  Tablet Weaving: Egyptian Diagonals.



My project is an experiment with collapse weave. In this structure, two different fibers in the warp react differently to wet finishing. The black warp threads shrank and the brightly colored cotton threads did not. This gave me wonderful bumps. The degree of agitation and the water temperature affect the degree of shrinkage of the wool parts. The bumpy texture of the cotton areas emphasizes any iridescence that might come into play between the complementary colors of the warp and weft threads.



My project is a set of placemats from a kit I purchased from Halcyon Yarns several years ago called Peaceful Harbor Placemats. They are plain weave with a warp set of 10 EPI, and a warp length of 3 1/2 yards to make 4 placemats. There are three different variegated and solid color yarn’s, a heavy weight, medium weight and light weight alternating throughout both the weft and warp. It’s woven on a Schact Flip rigid heddle loom.



I made some valentines Kuhimino bracelets for a couple in my apartment complex. One is made of hemp, and the other is made of assorted yarn from my stash.



Huck lace runners.