Show and Tell, November 2021

Ann: “Google” Towels

Cottolin in Google colors. 1 “Circle and Diamond Towels” from Handwoven Nov/Dec 2019, p34-35.  Five towels and three napkins made for Google work mates. Matching woven tape for towel hanging loops.




Gail: Deflected Double Weave Scarf

I’ve been playing with deflected doubleweave for the first time, as the Weaving Study Group recently chose this structure for extended study. Found a 4-shaft scarf draft on Gist Yarns. I altered the block proportions a bit and threw in some color blends in both warp and weft. I had wound a short warp just for casual sampling, but I liked the developing color effects enough to keep weaving for 34 inches. So I have a short neck scarf that I can clasp with a pin, or possibly seam into a cowl.

As a bonus, I might be able to apply the same threading to some woven shibori techniques as described by Catharine Ellis. (It’s identical to a basic Monk’s Belt.) I hope eventually to tie on to the bit of warp that is still on the loom with natural pearl cotton in order to explore some dyeing techniques.




Gudrun: Woven Pouch

This is a pouch woven in basket weave made of a single thread. It is definitely handwoven, but without a loom. I laid out the warp on a flat surface, then wove in the weft by hand to form a 10×5″ rectangle. Or was it the other way round? The last step was to fold the rectangle, close the sides, and tie the ends together.

Now I am passing the leftover yarn onto Barbie Paulsen, who is willing to accept the challenge. I am curious to see how that ball of yarn will inspire her.




Johanna: Daryl Lancaster Workshop Garments

It was long days and lots of work (until 11:00pm). But so nice to walk away with these pieces and a re-worked shadow weave top.




Jodi: Felted Pumpkin

We were invited to a pumpkin carving party & when I asked if there were any guidelines, I was told I could bring one already made & use anything I wanted, so I needle felted one. I used a 6 or 7 inch foam core to make it go more quickly, the covered with some scrap white fleece. I layered fleece for the ribs – brown first, then a mixture of dark orange & green & finally covered with a blend from New England Felting company of red & orange. I went back to the brown I had to make the stem.
Oh yeah, I won a prize for it ;o)