Susie Taylor, Nov. 19, 2015

Susie has two websites with many pictures of her work, and She explains that her work “combines origami and weaving together to create a new woven form”. If you find this hard to imagine, do take a look at her website. She furnished pictures for our site’s announcement as well, to be found below. She says of her work that “discontinuous pleats are engineered, woven and incorporated into the ground cloth”.  When taken off the loom, the pleats become folded origami shapes without further intervention by the artist. Linen works best for her process, she finds.

Dinner reservations beforehand will be made at Buck’s Restaurant at 5:30 pm. Susie plans to come to that as well as to the meeting, and everyone is welcome to come, too. The meeting site at Woodside Community Church will open at 7 pm. The program is scheduled 7:30-8:30 pm, followed by refreshments and a short business meeting.  See you there!

Crane Wife #3 overall.jpeg

Crane Wife #3

ThreeTowers detail

Three Towers (Detail)

Twill Diamond Positive detail

Twill Diamond Positive (Detail)

Twill X Positive overall

Twill X Positive overall