Ealish Wilson Oct. 17, 2013

kimonoThe sculptural textiles of Ealish Wilson have developed through her travel,  fascination with a variety materials, architecture, photography and traditional sewing techniques. Ealish combines her inspirations into constructed and deconstructed pieces creating one off textile works.

The work represents a collection of experiences & observations from her daily life and travels.  Although the places are different the natural process of development is always the same, inspiration captured by photographs, sketches and collecting ephemera. Architecture plays a pivotal role within the work.  The juxtaposition of old and new provides intriguing contrasts of texture, ideas for form, shape and colour combinations. Through the computer her collected inspiration is developed and manipulated to create prints which subsequently influence the pleating and shaping of her textiles.

An intriguing aspect of the work is how the eye is deceived through her influencing the fabric texture both physically and creating surface images.  The observer is challenged and captivated.  The viewer initially sees the colours and the surface texture.  Closer observation slowly  reveals an apparent three dimensional image emerging from the two dimensions present.  This creates a depth which suddenly assaults the senses.  All these aspects are combined through smocking and pleating which gives a physical surface texture,then the printing which provides the decoration to render complex and unusual sculpted textiles.

For additional information, visit her website at http://ealishwilson.com/