Show and Tell April 2023

Ply Split Rug by Ulla de L.  

 I made another split ply rug while I was in Sweden last month. It is made of the 260
cords I had made the year before, walking back and forth on our veranda. As with my previous ones it is made out of the Maypole Nehalem wool yarns I got from Gisela Evitt many years ago, using 10400 ends of 2 ply wool. It is 24″ X 7’4″ in size.

Creative Endeavors by Betsy C

The Creative Endeavors Group learned sashiko stitching with Jodi P. This beautiful boro was made by Betsy C.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors by Sarah A

Here is my recent piece Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. It is inspired by the New York City subway. The design was generated by artificial intelligence (image included below) and then I reproduced it with modified Theo Moorman technique using handspun mixed and upcycled fiber inlay weft, cotton warp, and bast ground weft. 


The woven piece                                                   The AI Starting Point 

Gail B – More Creative Endeavors


Completed Scarf: Four Shaft Deflected Doubleweave variation, 5/2 cotton and Bambu 7

Sashiko/Bpro Mug Rug, cotton, 6″x6″ (April Creative Endeavors Event)

Mushroom-Dyed Wool yarn (March Creative Endeavors Event)