Show and Tell February 2024

Johanna G – Fabulous Soji Jackets

I just finished sewing my second Soji Jacket and find them so comfortable to wear. 
The black and white one is color  blocking  that I created for the Canada Fashion course last year.
The blue and white and  multicolored color blocking Soji Jacket I just finished using a selection of some of my previous woven fabrics, along with some commercial fabric.  It came together pretty easy given I had done a trial run with the first jacket.  The blue jacket includes fabric from our recent Structures study on Diversified Plain weave. It is the lighter blue section in the front of the jacket.
Tyler M. – Bamboo Scarf
Tyler M. wove this 12 gauge bamboo scarf at 30 epi – “The drape is buttery”
Lynn C. – Tapestry with soumak stitch
Lynn C. wove this 10×14″ tapestry with handspun wool with a soumak stitch technique. This was inspired by an online weaving class with Kennita Tully.