Show and Tell July 2023

Show & Tell: Table Mats by Lschickli

Table mats in 6 shaft irregular satin on the Drawloom


Show & Tell: Handcrafted paper by Gail B

Lovely handcrafted paper from a recent Creative Endeavors workshop

Show & Tell: Sewing with Handwovens Study Group

Beautiful projects shared by the Black Sheep Sewing with Handwovens Study Group. Check out more details here

Show & Tell: Star of Bethlehem Baby Blankets by John H.

Comparing the same pattern in 24 epi vs 20 epi demonstrates how the 24 epi is more elongated and the 20 epi is more balanced. 


Show & Tell: Handspun Merino wool by Monique H

Show & Tell: Woven shibori cotton and indigo scarf by Gail B