Show and Tell, June 2022

We’ve got a lot of show and tell this month. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you don’t miss anything!


Our friend Melanie Fuller passed away earlier this year, quite unexpectedly. On her floor loom she left an unfinished blanket for her new granddaughter. A family friend reached out to the guild to see if the blanket could be finished. I volunteered for the task and recently completed it. The family is very happy with the blanket and with the sense of closure.


This square ribbed basket is based on traditional Appalachian basket designs handed down over generations. The basket has an extra detail along the top of the handle which was a lot of fun to weave and easier than it looks. It took just about all of the 10 hours that the teachers predicted. It was a lot of fun to weave and a basket that I’ll enjoy for years.


My ikat scarf from Mary Zicafoose’s Shifted Warp Ikat at CNCH. Warp is 10/2 tencel that we measured, tied resist wraps & dyed in class before warping the loom & learning shifting techniques; weft & stripes are Bambu 12 from Cotton Clouds.



Jacket was created using 3 prior weavings-one done in high school, one done as a wall hanging about 25 years ago and one was done in a SF City college weaving course a few years ago.  My goal was to learn to piece weavings together using a technique from Daryl Lancaster using sheets of fusible tricot.  I then tailored the jacket to submit for my sewing/fashion course I was taking at Canada College.  I used both wool and cotton weavings and a Thai silk lining to finish it. I wanted it to be sporty so I used a long front zipper.  I have already worn it  and am pleased with the end product.
Turned Taqueté, 22/2 cottolin with 12 threads per cm in a 40/10 reed. Every second weft shot was white, the first was in one of the three warp colors
– The white/blue napkin is a cotton warp with linen weft in plain weave with a blue cross twill pattern. Sett was one per dent in a 100/10 reed.
– The overshot pattern is called Sun & Moon, it has a white 17/2 tabby shot in every second weft.
-The grey striped napkin is an 8/2 cotton in plain weave, stripes per Fibonacci method
– The grey and red table runner is a 10/2 white cotton for warp and grey and red cotton for weft. 1 thread per dent in an 80/10 reed.
– Pineapple 132 basket, dyed cane, Japanese flower knot plaiting on a hemp leaf plaited base.
– Shark for Bob Darchi. He carried it in the BABM CNCH Tableau. Round reed, grape vine, paper, waxed linen, paint
– Blue and Gold fish, round reed, paper, waxed linen.
  Created for BABM CNCH Tableau.
CNCH 2022 Tableaux:
Fun was had by all at CNCH 2022.