Show and Tell, May 2022


“Gisela’s Wool, Split-Ply Rug #2”
The rug is made with 360 cords, each consisting of 40 threads of an old yarn called Maypole, Willamette from Oregon Worsted Co., 5600 yrds/pound.  I over-dyed most of the yarns so the variation in color comes from the original colors. I took a class in Split-Ply from Linda Hendrickson and finally found a use for the two big boxes of yarn I had had for many years.  The technique is mainly used for bands but also for baskets and bags and other 3-D items.  I have not seen any other rugs made with the technique.  Rug #3 is on the way here in Sweden.
I am now working on a body of work that is based on using up yarns that have been given me over the years.  Old yarns / New work.  Use them all up, the yarn stops here, etc.



These are pins/pendants (the larger pieces have a bail on the back to accommodate a leather or satin cord) made from both woven and sashiko fabric. They range from 1” – 2.5”. The fabric is mounted on a small piece of wood that fits into the hoop frame and then covered with a matching size wood before the pin back is attached.




Huck lace tunic in white made of 8/2 cottolin.  It is a Robin Spady pattern from Heddlecraft Magazine. It was woven on my 8 shaft AVL loom. I made it using a Simplicity pattern.



Gudrun: Twill Blocks

These twill blocks were woven on a 4 harness loom as an exploration of split-shed weaving. Find out more about this technique by visiting the website of Deborah Silver,
The placement of the blocks mimics the drawdown of 5-end satin.



Crochet Temperature Blanket for 2022. For each day of 2022 I am crocheting a granny square with the center color representing the high temperature of the day.