Show and Tell, May 2020

Ange: Shadow Weave       The warp is 20/2 cotton and some mystery fiber; weft is all 20/2 cotton, sett at 36 EPI. The pattern is copied from a shirt that Johanna had woven. I wove 3.5 yards 15 inches wide.


Gail: Wandering Vine in Honeycomb 


Cookie: Intermesh Lattice Crochet

I’m refreshing my skills in lattice filet mesh using 2 colors that contrast from each other. Each row you start you work color A only in color A and color B only in color B. In other words, you don’t crochet on the opposing color each time you start a new row. I’m trying to design my own patterns or converting cross stitch patterns into intermesh crocheted designs.  I’m doing a larger more complex square of leaves.





Cheryl: some of her work over the course of the quarantine

I was trying a new technique that involved having multiple yarns and materials going at the same time to get the effect of outlines and sort of a zigzag pattern.
Small hand-woven tapestry that I made one rainy day from materials I had in my stash
I’ve been making no-sew baskets, but I thought I’d try sewing one, and this is how it came out. I’ve also been experimenting with how to finish them off, and this is the best I’ve come up with yet.
This was based on something I saw online in white. It’s really simple macrame – only one type of knot and some wrapping – and I like it in teal better than white.



Based on something I’d seen online, but it came out better than expected – sort of bohemian looking.














Sandy: Rep Weaving    5/2 perle cotton, 40epi. The loom is a 12 shaft Leclerc.

Kathy:  Shadow weave scarf, Jaggerspun zypher

Sandy:  Masks     Made from my collection of yellow left-over quilt scraps.
Moving on to browns next.  I’ve just completed my 203rd mask and haven’t even made a dent in my stashed fabric supply – think I have too much?

Betsy: Alpaca Bolero             This is an alpaca bolero I just finished knitting, with yarn dyed by Andrea Niehuis and a pattern called, “Debby’s Bolero,” created by Debby Domm and sold by Andrea, as well. The yarn color is “Friends,” intended to reflect skin colors around the world. The range is chocolate brown into peach.

Gudrun: Napkins  in  10/2 foxfibre colorganic        When Sally Fox came to the guild last time I bought three cones of her 10/2 foxfibre colorganic yarn: white, green, brown. I wove towels and lots of napkins in a three color shadow weave pattern.