Show and Tell May 2023

Show and Tell May 2023

Making the Most of It – Barbara Shapiro

I wanted to make a three row flower knot Möbius strip, but didn’t take into account how
thick the band would be. When it was close to being done, but before I worked all the ends in, I realized it was too short to twist and fashion into a closed twisted loop. So I stepped back from it and, lo and behold, this is what I saw crawling across my table.

I added the eyes and he took off to attack a group of ceramic kimono clad zombies.
— Barbara Shapiro

Beautiful Beiderwand pillows – Ange M.

Beautiful Beiderwand Pillows woven by Ange M. 8/2 cotton in beige and grey with garage sale mystery wool in black. 

Black Sheep interested in weave structures like Beiderwand can join the Weave Structure Study Group!