Show and Tell November 2023

Show and Tell November 2023

John H – My silk warp IKAT scarf

Ange M – Sample from Mary Zikafoose’s class

The warp is 8/2 tencel dyed with Procion mx dyes, and the weft is a commercially dyed 16/2 cotton. I wove a straight twill.

I shifted the color by slipping the threads; one side came out looking like I wanted and the other did not!

Teacatweaver’s Ikat scarf from Mary Zikafoose’s class

Result from the IKAT workshop with Mary Zikafoose. Madder/Cutch natural dye, 100% linen

Michael B. – Inkle Band Suspenders

Very nice inkle band suspenders crafted by Black Sheep member Michael B.

Note the custom 3D printed clips on the left, perfect for blue jean belt loops. 

Lynn C. – Navajo-style tapestry

Beautiful tapestry by Black Sheep member Lynn C. 

It is approximately 30 inches square and was warped Navajo-style on two dowels, then tied to a frame loom.