Show and Tell October 2023

Show and Tell October 2023

Alexandra G. and her Double Rainbow Scarf (Doubleweave/Cotton):



Laura B. and her Overshot Blanket:

7 yard warp, which alternates Brown Sheep Lambspun (I was given 10 skeins at a Black Sheep meeting last year) with a finer grist of my handspun singles from a natural dark brown crossbred fleece.

293 ends, sett at 8 dpi. Draft is a simple 4-shaft overshot from Malin Selander, woven with 3 tabby picks between the pattern wefts. This was my first big project on my vintage Ullman countermarch loom.

Tabby weft is my fine dark brown handspun. Pattern weft is partly a commercial 2-ply I redyed to red and rust, and partly a 2-ply handspun I carded and spun to match the grist, in many colors.

After sampling my wet finishes, I plan to full the cloth, cut it into three panels and crochet them together with more of the Brown Sheep Lambspun to make a twin-sized blanket for my older son. He approved the color scheme.

Laura B.