February 2013 Workshops & Study Groups Show and Tell

As one of our speaker free meetings, our February meeting will be an opportunity to share what we learned in recent workshops and in our various study groups. By the time our meeting comes around, we will have had two Black Sheep sponsored workshops.

Tien Chiu’s Exploring the Design Process workshop in January and Daryl Lancaster’s Jumpstart Vest and Finishing Techniques workshops the beginning of February.

The Friendship Coverlet group will have finished their weaving and maybe even a finished project will be shown.

I’m sure the Creative Endeavors group will have plenty to report on, as will the Spinning and Weaving study groups.

We are not keeping this to only study groups and workshops within Black Sheep. If you’ve taken a class or workshop outside of Black Sheep, please share with us what you’ve made and learned, we like to hear about other events too.

Join us for an evening of inspiration and see what your fellow weavers are creating.