January 2013 Holly Brachmann Devore

Surface-Designer-CoverOne of Holly’s textile themes has been multiple layered art pieces and quilts.  Some work uses multi-fibered handwoven fabric and the dévoré technique to chemically eat away part of the textile. Because of her understanding of dyeing techniques, she combines a variety of dyes, pleating, digital imagery and the transparency of dévoré to create her textiles.

Holly Brackmann is Professor Emerita of Textiles and Art History at Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA, and author of The Surface Designer’s Handbook:  Dyeing, Printing, Painting and Creating Resists on Fabric, which won a prize for the best how-to textile book. She has had an interest in weaving since childhood. She has woven architectural scale wall hangings, as well as miniature pieces.

To learn more about Holly, visit her website at http://www.hollybrackmann.com/