Let’s Get Together and Share the Weaving Love, or the Love of Weaving!

Let’s Get Together and Share the Weaving Love, or
the Love of Weaving!

7:00 p.m. Thursday, June 15 Guild Meeting in person 

Bring your recent creations! Even if you’ve shared them on zoom. We want to see them in
person and give them the “weaver’s handshake.”
Clear out your stash to give or sell or trade with other guild members.
Bring your questions! Meetings like this are where a lot of information and experience gets
shared around. If you want a helpful critique of a new technique you’re trying, chances are there will be someone at the meeting who can share their insights. Let’s get some conversations going!
Trim your stash (and prepare to add more)! Bring your stash items that you want to clear
out. We’ll have a give-away table. If you want to put a price tag on something you’re clearing out, we’ll have a table for that, too.
Bring something to nibble on if you want. We don’t have the momentum of a snack signup
sheet, so we’re going to let this rely on serendipity. The doors will be open and there will be outside space to give everyone choices.
This meeting we will also have our annual Board election, so come celebrate all the folks
who keep things running.

The meeting will be at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Ave., Redwood
City, in the Goldstar Room.

Slate of Board Officers

Here is the slate of nominated Board Members we will be voting on at the June 15 meeting:
President: Gail Blackmarr
Secretary John Horrigan
Programs: Joanna Gelb
Newsletter: Leela Goel
CNCH Rep: Ally Kraus

Staying On
VP: Diana Kirby Herr
Treasurer Lyn Chambers
Membership Dail Koehler
Library Ange Mirer
Hospitality Marjorie Pomeroy
Exhibits Jodi Paley – Kitty Thoresen
Web Curator Stefanie Selck
Publicity/Social Media: Sarah Arron
Programs Barbara O’Connor – Barbie Paulsen

Please join the board in welcoming new members and thanking all those departing.