Show and Tell June 2023

Show & Tell: Catikat by Ally Krause
One of my ikat weavings, Catikat, has been selected for the Pets & Animals show at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto. Catikat is a warp ikat piece based on the silhouette of my cat, Mo, and is naturally dyed with cutch. The opening reception is this Friday 6/2 from 5:30-8pm, and it will be up through 6/27.
— Ally Krause

Catikat ikat, photo courtesy of the artist

Show & Tell: Cotton Baby Blanket By Stefanie S.

I love this Leave pattern for a super-soft baby blanket for my new grandson! The pattern is from,  it is an 8-Shaft pattern made with 3/2 white and brown organic cotton (American Maid) in warp and weft.