March 21 Guild Meeting with Carson Demmers (Zoom Meeting)

Program for 7:00 pm March 21st via Zoom : Our guest speaker is Carson Demers.

By day he is a mild-mannered physical therapist (well, actually award winning!). But the rest of his life he is spinning, knitting, designing and teaching, always with an eye to ergonomics.

He is the author of Knitting Comfortably: the Ergonomics of
Handknitting. Plus, he is a poodle lover!

Do you do more than knit or spin? This presentation takes inventory
of the ergonomic pros and cons for a variety of fiber arts including
weaving and finer needle work.

You’ll learn how injuries occur and
the contributions your craft makes both to their occurrence and
prevention. You’ll learn to identify ergonomic risk in your craft and
techniques to prevent injuries including improved posture, stretching and exercise.