Show and Tell March 2024

Stefanie S – Flower Scarf

This is a modified version of a 24-shaft pattern from an old German Weaving book from 1771 ( Handweaving . net # 56988)

I was able to reduce the number of shafts with Tim’s Threadle Reducer to work for my 16-shaft loom. The warp is Merino wool and the weft is wool, the sett is 18 KF per inch. 


Johanna G – Latest work with handwoven cloth

The black and white top was first made as a “muslin” to check size and fit for my woven shirt that I made second. The pattern is an altered Simplicity pattern and the material was donated from Gail B’s stash. I made both shirts for my daughter. 
The woven shirt is a huck lace pattern using 8/2 cotton and the draft is from Madelyn Vanderhoot’s book on huck lace. Our Weave Structure’s group was working on huck and bronson lace, and I wanted to create a comfortable, airy shirt that my daughter would wear. She loves them both!  So I feel I succeeded!